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Glendale Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Learn the Types of Diseases That California Opossums Can Carry!

Opossums have a passive behavior. While they may act aggressive sometimes, understand that this is merely a bluff and will immediately play dead once you startle them. Nonetheless, they are still considered a nuisance creature. Apart from the damages that they can cause to our foliage, there is also a possibility that they may carry zoonotic diseases that can be transferred to human.

The Dangers of Having an Glendale Opossum Infestation

The body temperature of the California opossum is generally lower compared to other mammals. This prevents the rabies virus to survive in their body. Although rabies might not be a primary concern on your opossum infestation, there are more serious diseases that the creature may carry. Be sure to keep yourself armed and protected when interacting with them.


Opossums together with the rodents are primary reservoir of Leptospirosis. In a study performed at the Sacred Heart UniverGlendale, the characteristic of the opossum makes them a possible transmitter of this disease. They will normally stay in an area near the water source. They are also synanthropic creature which means that they prefer to live close to the human population. Leptospirosis can be transmitted through the urine and droppings of the opossum. In order to mitigate the transmission of the disease, proper removal of the food waste and organic food that can invite the opossum is needed.

Bovine Tb

Cattle Tuberculosis originated from the bacteria known as Mycobacterium bovis. The California livestock are primarily affected by the disease but there are also rare occasions when human can contract this virus. In New Zealand, a considerable number of possums have been discovered infected with the bacteria. They believe that the creatures have been infected during the 1960s.Though opossums are known for their incredible immune system, they have minimum resistance against this infection and will die in an average of 6 months. During those 6 months, they can infect other animals with the Bovine Tb.


The bacterium that caused Tularemia can be spread to California human and animals through the bite of the infected opossum. Proper diagnosis and treatment is recommended since they may lead to life threatening situation. You can also contract the disease by having a direct contact with a contaminated water or food source. Around 100-200 residents of the USA is suffering from this disease on an annual basis.

Chagas Disease

The Chagas Disease is caused by a parasite known as Trypanosoma Cruzi. When an individual was infected with this disease, he may experience symptoms that are similar to the flu virus such as headache and fever. It will then progress to a more severe case such as heart failure. South and Central America are primarily exposed to this disease. The protozoa will live in the intestine of the opossum. Once the opossum excrete its waste, the feces will contain this parasite.

 If you want to stay away from these diseases, be sure that you keep your house free from Glendale opossums. Simple preventative measures can help you create a possum-proof environment.