What to Do ASAP After Catching a Glendale House Mouse!

Mice may appear to be tiny and cute but it will not be adorable once it started damaging your Glendale property and personal belongings. The traces of urine and droppings that they will leave behind will make your house appear unsanitary. In addition, it is also a potential source of diseases. This is why it is often necessary to eliminate their presence. One way of doing this is by trapping them. However, what should we do after capturing them on our cage trap?

Things to Do After Capturing the House Mouse

In case you notice a California rat that is scampering on the corner of your property, you will need to determine first its den. Mice are quick and running after them will not be the best way to eliminate them from your property. After catching them with humane traps, you will have to figure out what to do with them.

Releasing the Mice

Simply releasing the mice out of your property will not deliver the best solution for your woes. You will need to make sure that the source of infestation has been determined and eliminated in order to ultimately eliminate your mice problem. Seal all the possible entry holes with hardware cloth, wire mesh or steel plate that will be resistant against the incessant chewing habit of the mice. Remember that the mice can enter the hole that has a diameter of at least ¼ inch. If you failed to determine all the possible entry holes, then you can't stop the mice from returning inside your property.

Killing the Mice

You also have the option to kill the California mice but be sure to use only the humane method. Based on the existing rules, causing the mice with unnecessary fear and pain is against the regulations. Here are some ways to deliver a quick death to the mouse.

  • Shooting- shooting them at the back of their head will give them a peaceful death. Nonetheless, you need to be aware if the use of firearms is allowed in your community. Usually, this will be prohibited in densely populated areas. You should also be careful on the possibility that the bullet will ricochet. Shooting them will only be possible if you can restrict their movement.
  • Gas Chamber-Killing the mice by suffocating them in the gas chamber will give them quick death. The heavier CO2 gas will replace the oxygen in their body that will put them into comma. Eventually, they will die due to asphyxiation.
  • A Quick Strike on the Back of their Glendale Head- This will cause the same effect as shooting. This method should only be used by the experts. Failure to do this will lead to extreme pain on the part of the poor creature.

  • Due to the different damages that they can cause, killing them after capturing them would seem to be the best solution. However, understand that this will not be a long-term solution. As long as the root cause of the problem still exists, it will only take a few days before a new house mouse will invade your home.

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