Top Signs of When a California Skunk is Sick!

When you are dealing with a Glendale skunk infestation, you need to be careful since there is a possibility that they are carrying diseases. The disease that the skunk will carry can be transmitted not only to the other animals but with humans. Having a direct contact with the skunk will increase the chance of contracting the disease. In order to stay safe, you will need to be familiar with the signs of a sick skunk.

What are the Symptoms of a Sick Skunk?

There are some California skunks that will not show any symptoms of the disease. In addition, it can also mimic the sign of various diseases which makes it difficult to identify their disease. This is why we often recommend our audience to let the professionals handle this situation.


Skunks that have been affected with the rabies virus will either appear to be aggressive or unresponsive. This is due to the fact that the rabies is targeting the nervous system of its host. Usually, the skunk will choose to flee in the presence of danger. However, they will also attack if they feel like they are being coerced. In case the skunk is showing no fear on the presence of humans and other predator combined with the excessive drooling, then it would be wise to stay away from them. In addition, the skunk that is appearing lethargic can also be a possible carrier of the virus. If they do not respond to the noise that you make and they are finding it hard to keep their balance, stay away from them.


Skunks are possible carrier of the canine distemper that can affect our loving pet. This disease is contagious and can lead to serious illness and even death. The symptoms of the distemper will resemble the signs of a rabid skunk. This can be transmitted through direct contact with the infected skunk or indirectly such as through their fecal matters. It will initially attack the respiratory system of the target. It will then spread through the central nervous system of the host. By the time that it reaches the brain of the skunk, it may act aggressive and will show no sign of fear towards the presence of human. It may also show signs of disorientation.

What to Do In Case You Encounter a Sick Skunk

Once you stumble upon a sick California skunk, it is best to keep away from them. Call your local wildlife rehabilitation center immediately. They will provide you information and instructions on how to properly deal with them. They may instruct you to provide first aid to the injured or sick skunk while waiting for them to arrive. Be sure that you will wear gloves and mask to avoid inhaling the spores of the microorganism. There should also be no children and pets around the sick skunk.

Skunk is a possible host of different pathogens that can cause diseases. They may also contain Glendale parasites such as tape worm and roundworms that can cause fatal diseases. Avoid interacting with them especially if you lack the experience and knowledge. 

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