What is A California Snake's Natural Predator? Find Out Here!

The snakes have different enemies when they are in the wild. Their Glendale predator will be contingent upon the location and the size of the snake. The newborn snakes have a higher possibility to be attacked compared to the adult snakes. The mother snakes will simply lay their eggs in the nest and will leave the eggs until it hatched. The baby snake will have to rely on themselves if they want to survive.

Different Enemies of the Snake

The California snakes can be consumed by other animals while they are still in their eggs. When they hatched, they will immediately leave the nest since it can attract the attention of the predators. They can also be consumed by other creatures when they are still young. This greatly minimizes the survival rate of the snakes.


The birds are probably the primary threat to the existence of the snakes. The birds have an amazing sense of sight that can monitor the movement of their prey form a distant. They can instantly sweep the snake and take them right away. Aside from their outstanding sense of sight, their claws will prevent the snake from escaping. They can easily find the snakes regardless of their location.

The Wild Boars

Wild boars will love the taste of the snakes especially the large ones. They are aggressive and they will be able to handle the challenge of hunting the snake. They prefer to hunt their prey in large numbers that will enable them to easily overcome the danger of the snake. Most of the wild creatures will be able to discern the venomous snake from the non-venomous type. This enables them to stay safe from the threat of the snake.

Coyotes, Fox, and Raccoons

Some California mammals will also enjoy eating certain types of snakes. Just like the wild boar, they will also stay away from the snakes that carry deadly toxins. Thanks to the agility of these animals, they will be able to overpower the snake that will provide them a hearty meal. They are also excellent climbers that give them the power to hunt snakes that dwell on trees.

King Snakes and Mongoose

The king snakes have earned their name by preying on certain types of snakes. They are active hunters and will often look for the snakes that can satiate their hunger. There are also other snakes that will cannibalize other snakes but they will only resort to this activity in case there is a low source of food. Mongoose has learned how to effectively hunt even the deadly snakes. 

Aside from the Glendale humans, the snakes have different enemies when they are in the wild. This greatly shortens their life expectancy rate. Urbanization also leads to different problems. Most snakes are losing their habitat and they will find it hard to adapt into a new location. In case you have a snake problem in your house, using repellent that contains the urine of the predator may not be an excellent solution since the effectiveness of these products has not been proven. 

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